Hockessin, Delaware


Scranton, Pennsylvania

Andrew has always been interested in music since he was a little kid, but he first began pursuing guitar during his junior year of high school. His religion teacher had written a song, and he played it for the class one day; Andrew was positive that he had found a new passion. The teacher agreed to give him guitar lessons, and Andrew immediately fell in love with everything associated with the guitar. One year later, his incredible parents realized his obsession for guitar and his love for traveling, so they decided to get him a KLŌS travel guitar as a graduation present.


Andrew's KLŌS guitar goes everywhere with him, since he cannot go more than three days without playing the guitar; it has been with him when he went to Florida to visit his grandparents, it came with him when he went camping with three of his best friends, it comes with him to Massachusetts when he visits his family, and it is with him now in college. Music quickly became something that Andrew is very passionate about, as it has gotten him through stress, heartbreak, and loss. He writes and plays music to get through hard times, and it consoles him to know that he will always have a KLŌS guitar with him wherever he is.